Can you help identify these objects?

One suggestion for these linkages is that they were used on some vintage motorcycles to operate the carburettor. Can anyone help? The short ones are approx 4″ the long one 6.1/2″. They are beautifully made. Send your suggestions to us.

vintage carburettor linkages

These two new old stock items look like either battery or air cleaner straps Any suggestions what they might be off?. Send your suggestions to us.

Battery or air cleaner straps

So I was rooting around my friends motorcycle shop, RJ Motorcycles, Coalville, when I came across this old carburettor. It’s been in the wars as you can see but what is is and how old is it?. Send your suggestions to us.


So I was on Lyme Regis beach looking for T-Rex with the Cheney family when I came across this cylinder sticking out of a cliff fall! It turns out that the old Lyme Regis tip from pre-war days was sited on top of the cliffs outside of the town towards Charmouth. The cliff eroded and the contents of the old tip is now on the beach! I know it’s an early single cylinder motorcycle engine but thats it – over to you. Send your suggestions to us.

unknown_object-2 Mystery motorcycle engine